ATTENTION: Ugly Belly Fat Fast Answers?
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Women Only – Maximize Weight Loss and Enjoy Your Lifestyle

ATTENTION: WOMEN 35 to 65 – Frustrated, stressed and desperate? Get the insider’s scoop on women’s weight loss…you’ll love the happy ending!

 “The Ugly Truth Revealed – You’ve Never Heard This Weird Weight Loss LIE Uncovered Because Everything About a Woman’s Diet Is… DEAD WRONG


What do you think of when you hear the word “______” is it starvation, hunger, deprivation, depression, calorie counting, cravings, bingeing, denial, willpower?

If you’ve been counting calories, cutting out junk or processed foods and exercising, not only haven’t you lost weight…you’ve most likely gained back even more pounds.

No SURPRISE…unhealthy weight is a growing epidemic affecting millions of women.

You want to know the real reason your metabolism is storing fat and not burning fat, right?

Behind the story:

Karon is 40, she experiences daily stomach pain and it’s a struggle to lose weight.

Karon has health issues, high blood sugar, hormone imbalances and digestive problems.

Unfortunately, she is on her way to developing an eating disorder because she follows every new “_____” and altogether it’s the #1 root cause behind her biggest problems.

Karon is overweight and she admits it is pointless to focus her attention on it because of her increased appetite…

Exhausted, she truly still believes a simple four letter word “_____” would change her life.

Either Karon breaks free from her horrific “_____” roller coaster, shackles and chains of traditional “_____” or continues to be trapped in a self destructive cycle…

Karon is 5’3″ and her weight has yo-yoed since age 25…

She feels very angry and sad…for the past seven years she has felt ashamed of her body…she hides behind oversized clothes embarrassed…tipping the scale at 208 lbs.

She is stressed…everyday she feels the guilt with same emotional gut wrenching and sickening discomfort that’s probably sitting deep inside the pit of your stomach right now.

Caught up in the grind of constantly chasing the next “_____” and getting nothing back…

She knows what it’s like to feel constant retraction in her life, rejection, terribly sick and tired, energy drained, soul destroying disappointment which makes you want to give up!

Her weight just continued to creep up and she desperately lacks vitality she enjoyed when she was active, so she wants to lose weight, regain her fitness and feel healthy again.

And every time a new gimmick “_____” pops up like a bad rash, her fear and panic sets in.

She constantly asks her doctor for help…is this irrational behavior?

Does she feel a sense of vulnerability or is it just blind panic?

Does she have a good reason to be scared, could the impact mean her life remains a yo- yo, horrific “_____” roller coaster ride and her quality of life literally hangs in the balance?

What’s the REAL reason and WHY did she believe this LIE? 

weight loss for women

Still with me?


Let’s move on to…

Why you want to carefully read every word of this eye-opening report now

What feeds us emotionally and spiritually are as important as foods on our plate, right?

She thinks aren’t all “_____” created equal there’s more to “_____” than counting calories?

How long does she expect to stay on a rigid and aggressive calorie restricted “_____”  with no flexibility?

What effect does this type of a “_____” have on her body and brain?

Because all her highly emotional lifelong experiences, each time she thinks “_____”, she’ll re-experience all the pain, suffering, negative emotions she felt during the actual ” _____”

Perhaps you can fill in the blanks for her: the four letter word is ” _____”

Psst…it’s probably a hidden irresistible weight loss secret she can’t see or find?

And it might sound outrageous and shock you to hear this as well.

Karon is anxious to find the right ” _____” it is so intense and smoldering inside of her…


She thinks getting her metabolism to burn more fat faster is all about eating and exercising but honestly, she always hits barriers, plateaus and finds it very difficult to progress.

And she really doesn’t enjoy feeling terrified by in-your-face diets and extreme exercises.

In fact, any diet that does NOT work for YOU is key to keeping this industry going.

You see, it didn’t use to be this way…

There’s a BIG part of the fitness and weight loss industry that’s broken…it affects you too.

The $60 billion per year diet industry dark secret THEY don’t want you to know…

Increasing cost of health these days means the fitness and weight loss industry keeps offering new programs and plans…they can ONLY continue to exist by churning money.

Yes…Karon wouldn’t continue believing if diets actually work, so I’ve been carefully listening to you and it’s time to get this off my chest!

Look, I’m holding nothing back and I’m not going to stand idly by and watch any longer.

Because DEEP down inside, we all want to believe, so desperately that a diet will make us feel more confident…be more successful…more secure…more fulfilled…and happier.

Are you kidding…diets, shock, horror, inside-out are used in the wrong way and NOT the REAL answer (gasp!) because is counting every, single, calorie…stressing you out?

Drastic calorie restriction doesn’t work for fat loss, most of us aren’t hard-wired that way…

Dear Friend,

How many times did Karon hear the words…cut calories…sugars…carbs…fats!

Most diet experts said that’s all she had to do if she wants to lose stubborn belly fat.

But she found a major problem with depriving herself of calories, sugar, carbs and fats.

ALL those restrictions, doesn’t take into account what happens on a biological level

And it completely undermined all her dieting efforts to get slim….time after time.

In fact, it only took 3 or 4 days of dieting before her metabolism dramatically slows and her fat burning hormones shut down…

Is this the #1 reason why dieting will continue to fail her?

No reason to panic, I can give her every popular and best diet in just four lines:

• Eat more greens
• Eat less saturated fat
• Exercise more and burn more calories
• Eat more omega-3 fatty acids

Remember all the money you’ve spent; countless time wasted over the years on diets and so called weight loss solutions that did nothing but leave you frustrated and disappointed?

In fact, the “blood, sweat and tears diet” as you know them are worthless, so if you’re going to diet, you might as well get the biggest bang for your buck…

ESPECIALLY if you’re not getting the health results you want from your current diet.

why is nutrition important for weight loss

Why is nutrition important for weight loss?

Just took a real close look at the scary side effects of traditional dieting:

  • Shrinking and losing precious muscle
  • Lots of water loss and dehydration
  • Hardly lose any stubborn body fat
  • Slows and destroys your metabolism
  • Still carrying substantial (toxic) body fat
  • Set up to quickly rebound back beyond original weight

The mind numbing endless hours of sacrifice, it hurts to say the word diet…it’s so painful.

Yuck! Just thinking about dieting makes most women feel nauseous…

Right now, it’s time for change, anything is possible, you can be part of the revolution.

Let’s face it, if a diet isn’t driving you loco…it will.

If you’re winning the battle right now, sooner or later, you’ll get more confused than ever.

And when your brain gets confused, it shuts down.

You put a wall up and refuse to listen…

Smart women are learning to say “NO” to diets…know why?

Here’s how this applies to you, even if you’re sceptical or wondering if this is some kind of “bait and switch”…

That’s understandable…

The good news, it’s NOT.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

The plain unvarnished truth is you want to eat guilt free…so why would you expect your body to respond or go against the very habits and instincts ingrained in nature?

Have you ever felt like your mind and body remains stuck in anxiety, fear and self-doubt?

Feel like a slave to the whims of “Hollywood’s secret” advertising and marketing machine?

Are you currently doing any of those diets advertised in magazines or TV commercials?

Just get up early tomorrow morning and turn on CNBC or just about any cable channel that runs infomercials at night and you’ll see what I mean. 

What frustrates me about this industry is the way many companies make false promises.

Nothing happens overnight, although that’s what the Internet hypesters and late-night infomercials would have you believe.

No sales pitch, just thought you might like to see this 48 sec video, press play button!

weight loss for women

For many reasons we have all been conditioned and convinced the more COMPLICATED a diet and exercise program is the more effective it will be…simply this is not true.

Shocked, surprised or saddened?

Did you expect or want something new, high-tech and sexy?

Want more gimmicks, cheap tricks and shortcuts from the so called metabolism experts?

You probably know you have been lied to, but will you continue to put on more toxic fat?

Put on your thinking cap, now…

If you’re not an insider and you try to navigate the weight loss and dieting minefield without a guide…you’re going to get the “Readers Digest” version…does that make sense?

Have you ever been told the diet fairy tale?

It’s a diet fairy tale because there’s some truth to it…

The most interesting part of the diet fairy tale…it’s far from a happy ending.

Your personal goals and desires, your family…your entire life will always be relegated to the back burner as you’re forced to “diet” day in and day out for the rest of your life.

I know how you feel, and that’s why this report will free you from dieting slavery.

Yes…it is a bold and almost unbelievable claim, especially since you’re exposed daily to “too good to be true” weight loss lie, hype and puffery…so this is not a claim I make lightly.

It’s hard to argue against, diets are actually good for the food and weight loss industry…

toxins stored in fat cells

Scientists are calling these fat making toxins obesogens…

Obesogens are basically made from toxic fat; forces your body to store away more and more fat regardless of how many calories you consume or how “healthy” to want to eat.

I’m sure you have enough stress in your life already.

Worrying about a complicated way of eating shouldn’t be yet another task to worry about.

Especially if it doesn’t even come close to improving your health or the way you look.

Sure some diet methods may make you lose weight ONLY because you have to lower your calorie intake…but at what cost?

You can absolutely lose weight and drop dress sizes without having to be a slave to a diet plan or latest ‘rules’ of healthy eating.

Weight loss shouldn’t come at the expense of your sanity.

Which brings us to the TRULY serious question…

Do you feel trapped?

Please take a closer look at the diet fairy tale which strongly denies saying “dieting” is not dead wrong and not a significant contributor to obesity in the United States…

obesity trends in US

What does this 25 year trend really mean to you and your waistline?

Frankly, I feel embarrassed and stupid…

Why? Because 95% of women who diet to lose weight fail.

Listen, I don’t want YOU to endure more pain, stress, agony or feel that kind of humiliation.

All you want to know…does it really work in burning fat and fight flab?

After all, that’s the point, right?

Time and time again…it’s no wonder so many women dispise the dieting industry.

Feedback like these statistics from National Institutes of Health reveals 98% of women who lose weight by dieting end up gaining it back within 3 to 5 years.

And 90% of those women gain back more weight than they lost…

Do you pick the hard way or the easy way?

Chances are, you’ve figured out from personal experience diets don’t work…

Let’s get honest because “diet” is a dirty word, you don’t hear many nutritionists admit it.

weight loss for women

Well, it is not surprising, almost no one gets excited about dieting…

Is it difficult for you to lose weight?

Most important, you’ll find out that you’re not alone…

And it’s not always easy to ask for help, even when you desperately need it.

Seriously, in most cases the best touted diets are completely dead wrong and purely designed to make sure you gain even much more weight in the long run… 

If you’re serious about losing weight naturally without a restrictive diet, you need a proven system to follow.

The fact is without a system, the best you can do is try to piece it all together from various misinformation, books, articles, TV shows and you already know how frustrating that is…

woman's expanding waistline

Why would anyone want to eat meals through a straw, stress out with learning too many moving parts, even more confusing calorie counting and time consuming diet programs?

Can you say uncontrollable food cravings?

Addicted to sugar, yet you probably don’t even know it?

What effect does taking out FAT and replacing fat with sugar have on the brain?

SUGAR decreases serotonin and causes depression.

Boom…all your sacrifices and hard work for no reward.

Diets don’t work because you are not enjoying lifestyle…

You are sick, tired and frustrated by fat loss hoopla, diet hype, painful side effects of struggling to shed unwanted belly fat, body flab and pounds right?

What if you are forced into making the most shockingly simple common mistakes by sabotaging your hormone levels, which may drop so low there is no turning back?

You see, there are several hormones involved, but one KEY hormone which can keep you in a holding “belly fat” pattern for years if you don’t know how to deal with it…

And you might be already experiencing the paralyzing grip on your daily life…

In fact, based on your age, body shape and other factors…this effortlessly common fat burning mistake makes losing weight next to impossible.

When it comes to body shape, women in their 30’s to 60’s tend to be in one of four categories…

How would you describe your body shape?

weight loss for women

  • Apple – hold excess weight around midsection
  • Pear – hold excess weight in hips, bottom and thighs
  • Hourglass – shoulders and hips are equally wide with narrow waist
  • Proportional – well-proportioned without excess weight in any particular area…

Do you have strong food craving for carbs, salty foods, sweets and sugar?

Do you feel like you tend to be forgetful or have trouble concentrating on tasks?

According to many scientific studies, dieting speeds up biological clock and makes the body weaker by robbing you of vital minerals (essential for good health and wellbeing).


How much time and hard earned money have you wasted on diets that flat out don’t work?

It’s not just physical appearance and youthful qualities that get negatively affected by diets

Your brain suffers as well… 

Memory, ability to solve problems and your decision making skills all start to decline.

Now I need to warn you…

After 35, your biological age speeds up and ages faster than your chronological age.

The #1 BIGGEST Blood Sugar Problem Regardless Of Age Women Face in Losing Weight and Worst Nutritional Mistakes Women Make…

Do you know which diets or dieting programs are NOT right for you?

So what’s the deal?

Is it genetics? 

Genetics sounds like the most reasonable answer right?

Make no mistake about it, the costs of NOT knowing is just too high.

women's obesity

What if I told you they have been lying to you all this time?

You are literally being forced into buying useless and incomplete diet programs.

Dieting programs which address the wrong hormones, only gives you 20% of answers…

And these diet programs hold back the “secret” 80% which truly liberates, allows you to break free from the horrific dieting roller coaster and experience body of your dreams

Are you on the verge of quitting?

Eating healthy versus dieting…which makes more sense to you?

Believe it or not, you can control your metabolism, way more than you think. 

Look, it’s not your fault…

And if I’m right, what I’m about to share with you is the answer to re-ignite your metabolism, reprogramming your body so you can readily start burning fat.

Say Goodbye to Stubborn Belly Fat and Turn Back The Clock on Aging…

How would it feel if you could get REAL weight loss success…starting from today?

Hi my name is Jody Leon, thank you so much for visiting my women’s weight loss website and trusting me with your journey.

My goal is to tell the truth from the perspective of someone who has behind the scenes worked with literally thousands of women.

Most of what you’ll discover…not many doctors know or bother to tell you about because it involves stress and mental “burnout”…

Are you done with all that too?

Imagine for a minute how your life would be if YOU were in control. Life would be pretty sweet, wouldn’t it?

It can be and it SHOULD be…

And it WILL be if you simply make the decision to change your life.

Do you know what I mean?

Stress and mental burnout is a very real condition that’s easy to ignore, but you can detect and fix the problem if you know what to look out for and do…

What if you’re in the situation where you want to reduce stress, slow the aging process, increase your metabolism to burn belly fat and engage those youth enhancing hormones?

Don’t worry, together we’ll address and fix the stress, mental “burnout” and help you avoid the most common nutritional mistakes including “the hormone roller coaster rides”…

All without living the celebrity fad diets nightmare or extreme exercise programs.

You see, through intuition and painful personal experiences I’ve experimented for years with all sorts of crazy and ruthless diets that wreak havoc on your health and happiness.

So I’m probably a lot like most women…except I’ve finally discovered a realistic women’s weight loss formula that truly works without feeling burned out, overdoing it and suffering.

Yes! In a minute I’m going to cover secret tips to weight loss for women and share with you how to apply this because the ONLY difference between you and me is this formula.

To truly be in control of your health, YOU have to be in control…does that make sense?

We have covered a LOT of ground today…

This is the EXACT same formula that saved me from a life of quiet desperation.

In essence, all you need is support with a proven step-by-step formula to follow which helps you get unstuck and takes all the guesswork out of your success…

Can I ask you just one honest question and get one honest answer?

Do you feel frustrated putting in the hard yards every week with little or no results?

Would you love to change that?

If you answer YES to this question…

If you’re the woman I think you are and you want to dramatically transform your life…

Here’s what you need to do right now…

We’ll take you by the hand and show you how to eliminate the most common mistakes that are slowing you down and exactly what you need to get the health results you want. 

Successfully losing weight and enjoying a healthier lifestyle takes more than information.

In reality, it takes a personalized approach to know what is happening in your body and it requires the right support, (get started, very limited number available, please act now)…

Step 1: What's the #1 single biggest weight loss challenge you're struggling with right now and what prompted you to search for the answer today in particular?

Have you ever taken time to find out exactly why it's such a big struggle to drop dress sizes and/or weight is not where you want it to be?

Would you love to feel young, light, lean, happy, energized and sexy?

Step 2: VERY IMPORTANT - Please take 2 minutes to send your message so I can reach out and help...

Yes! More specific or detailed, more likely I'll be able to help solve your challenge:)

e.g. I'm tired of diets, I want to feel energetic, see my abs again, fit into my favorite dress that's hiding at back of closet, strut my stuff at beach, feel good about life, have more fun!

Step 3: Please fill-in-the-blanks" below, be as open and detailed as possible (beyond saying "I want to lose weight" or "improve my weight loss results"...

Also do you mind sharing if you have any reluctance, hesitation or fear? Would really love to hear from you soon, thanks...

IMPORTANT NOTE: I realize this is not for everyone, but you will NOT be placed into any ongoing weight loss coaching program or hidden recurring charges whatsoever.
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*Strict Email Privacy – No Spam Policy. This information will remain private and confidential and will only be used to determine your weight loss challenge.

P.S. Let’s clarify and make this crystal clear…you DO NOT want to become a dieter. Confused? Don’t be because we’re going to help you get real results!

Limited Time Only To First 50… 


Weight Loss For Women 

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