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 “You’ve Never Seen Or Heard Anything Like These Unusual And WEIRD Weight Loss LIE…What If Everything About Diets Is DEAD WRONG?”


The #1 BIGGEST unique challenge women face in weight loss and nutrition mistakes women make, so which “weight loss program” is right for you?

If you’re sick and damn tired of all the diet hype and hoopla, struggling to shed unwanted fat and pounds, you’ll want to carefully read every word of this eye-opening report…

Hi it' Jody - Women' Weight Loss Coach

Jody Leon – Women’s Weight Loss Coach

Here’s why:

Hi my name is Jody Leon, thank you so much for visiting my women’s weight loss website and trusting me with your journey.

Most of what you’ll discover…not even your doctor will tell you about this because you could “burnout”…know what I mean!

Don’t worry, we’ll fix this problem for you without celebrity fad diets and/or extreme exercise programs

You see, through intuition and painful personal experiences I’ve experimented for years with all sorts of crazy and ruthless diets that wreak havoc on your health and happiness.

So I’m probably a lot like most women…except I’ve finally discovered a realistic women’s weight loss formula that truly works without feeling burned out, overdoing it and suffering.

Yes! In a minute I’m going to cover secret tips to weight loss for women and share with you how to apply this because the ONLY difference between you and me is this formula.

In essence, all you need is support with a proven step-by-step formula to follow which helps you get unstuck and takes all the guesswork out of your success…

Can I ask you an honest question and get an honest answer? Do you ever feel frustrated putting in hard yards every week with little or no results or would you love to change that?

If you answer YES to this question…

Step 1: What's the #1 single biggest weight loss challenge you're struggling with right now and what prompted you to search for the answer today in particular?

Have you ever taken time to find out exactly why it's such a big struggle to drop dress sizes and/or weight is not where you want it to be?

Would you love to feel young, light, lean, happy, energized and sexy?

Step 2: VERY IMPORTANT - Please take 2 minutes to send your message so I can reach out and help. Would really love to hear from you soon, thanks...

Yes! More specific or detailed, more likely I'll be able to help solve your challenge:)

e.g. I'm tired of diets, I want to feel energetic, see my abs again, fit into my favorite dress that's hiding at back of closet, strut my stuff at beach, feel good about life, have more fun!

P.S. Please "fill-in-the-blanks" below, be as open and detailed as possible (beyond saying "I want to lose weight" or "improve my weight loss results"...

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What’s the most important step you can do right now to start getting real results?

Now, let’s be realistic and honest here because there is not a simple answer to this question, everyone is doing different diets right?

In fact, this is one of the main reasons as to why succeeding with permanent weight loss
can be extremely difficult for so many women.

And if you’re trapped into thinking like a “dieter” you’re always looking for your next fix, your next way to weight loss or even a lot of fat loss…but it’s still that “dieter” mindset.

It’s these women who have to be magicians with juggling everyday and every week, no matter how awesome the previous month was the dieting hustle begins all over again.

It’s physically life-numbing, emotionally exhausting and not sustainable either.

The truth is to make the transition from “dieter” to “lifestyler”…

Millions of desperate women believe irresistibly infectious fat loss myths and Cinderella charm promises (it’s guaranteed failure, but they continue to defend their strong optimism).

They’ve also been piggybacking and jumping on a supposedly “sure thing” for decades.

Once “in” neck deep the stubborn process is more stupid, bizarre, shady and flaky diets.

To be honest this is insane, even if you’re NOT committed to impossible dieting plans…

Let’s Clarify and Make It Crystal Clear…You DO NOT Want To Be a “Dieter”

Frankly, it makes me mad as hell that women still fall for these BOLD-FACED LIES and all the marketing hype…without realizing it, almost every DIET teaches you to fail.

As if starvation, busting your butt with brutal machines and weights was the real answer.

You STILL must spend lots of energy just to break free…it’s hard and time-consuming.

All this does nothing but leave you exhausted, frustrated and discouraged…

And that’s not all…not even close…can you say sleepless nights over and over again?

Seriously It’s Driving You Faster In The Wrong Direction…Why Bother Guessing? 

You want the REAL answers, but this critical ingredient is BADLY MISSING from MOST fat loss for women programs.

You see, women get daily sleazy critiques, constant media and social pressures to lose ugly fat, look thin, beautiful and sexy.

Listen, as a weight loss coach I get to hear the same problem over and over…“I want to lose weight, but I don’t know how”…

And if you’re curious to see before-and-after stories with the book of proof that goes beyond reach of even the best do-it-yourselfer.

YES! Save tons of time and energy, so weight loss is easier and you get better results.

This critical information answers your questions, so you might want to set your internal compass to any of the following settings; weird, offensive, profane, angry and annoying.

In other words, you can pretend you don’t feel guilty about how you “look”.

But we’re wide open to embarrassing body images which are meant to screw with us.

YOU And I Know You Are NOT a Fool…

And according to a new shocking report of more than 300 women of all sizes

The Glamour survey found on average, women suffer from 13 negative body thoughts daily, that’s nearly one “I hate my body” moment for every waking hour.

Pain is the word; I’m not gonna lie…it’s a pain in the butt for women confessing to having 35, 50 or even 100 harsh and hateful thoughts about their own body shape each day.

Imagine If I Could Show You A Whole Different Way Of Thinking…

Do you wonder why you ever struggled with weight loss?

It takes just a slight mental shift…but it’s the secret to fat loss for women success.

You see, the reason for this personal question is between you and me.

Please allow me to explain…

How does the world see you?

Does the fear of dieting and rebound weight gain stop you from living?

Do women willingly believe the deception and lies women’s magazines and mainstream media feeds us about what we’re supposed to look like?

Do you have unmet expectations?

Look, most women sacrifice their lives and work way too much for way too little.

And like you, I hate calorie counting pressure along with cruel, restrictive dieting fads…

Do you feel women’s magazines and mainstream media have gone too far?

weight loss stereotyping

The media impact on body image (weight stereotyping) negatively affects personal relationships, quality of life and ability to enjoy life…

In fact, it’s safe to say you probably already know EVERYTHING you’ve been told about diets and women’s fat loss is WRONG, plus rebound weight gains are just way too risky!

What if the most frustrating path to suffering and emotional blocks is because you’re hooked on foods and this makes losing weight painstakingly difficult:

  • Want to break free from daily struggles, sadness, fear and guilt?
  • Are you searching for faster, easier ways to weight loss?
  • Does your body stop you from moving like you used to? 
  • Have you noticed your health isn’t what it used to be?
  • Are you looking to improve your energy and lifestyle?

Now, I trust you know I’m telling you the truth because I’ve tried dieting and hurt myself.

And as odd as it sounds, it has nothing to do with “losing identity”.

The REAL reason is a woman’s body is hard-wired to fight a losing battle and every single time you attempt to lose weight there’s emotional friction and metabolic resistance.

Confused? Don’t Be Because I’m Going To Help You Get Started…

Want to turn back the clock and look like the younger woman?

Would you love to feel energized, happy, fulfilled, overjoyed with your new beautiful body?

Deep down inside what does health, fitness and beauty truly mean to you?

Imagine the fun and difference this makes to your overall enjoyment of life?

YES! I’d love to show you exactly how to lose weight, but you need to understand what’s WRONG with most weight loss programs and WHY it’s not your fault:

  • Restrictive diets risk injury to your body and health 
  • Reckless ways to shed pounds takes lots of energy 
  • Eating disorders takes a very long time to get results

Time to shift your focus, so forget EVERYTHING you know about diets and fat loss.

You Can Focus On Epic Failures vs. Spectacular Results

weight loss for women

Permanent weight loss for women

Are You Ready to Get Started Because THIS Weight Loss Solution Addresses The Special Needs Of Women…

YES! This really, truly works…you’re just one step away from learning the real women’s fat loss exact formula to get your #1 challenge fixed.

Let’s make sure you get the full support to help you solve your unique health, energy and time challenges because all of this is very important and needs to be taken care of…

This is YOUR chance to get your questions answered LIVE by a true weight loss expert!

Which Brings YOU To The REASON Why I’m Writing To You Today!

You’ll feel overjoyed to know women’s fat loss is simple, as long as you get the right program with support and you know exactly what to look out for…

Do you want a fat burning solution which turns the tables in your favor and truly works with your female metabolism instead of against your body to ensure fat loss success?

If you’re ready to kickstart your lifestyle, move forward with results, clarity and emotional alignment, here’s the key to unleashing your time sensitive special invitation just for you.

weight loss for women

Limited Time Only To First 50… 

female fat loss blueprint

Let’s get started: Honestly the live presentation will be unlike anything. It’s not just show and tell you what you should do, it’s show, teach and supports you every step of the way.

female fat loss

womens fat loss

As a first step I look forward to helping you live better with quality of lifestyle, reach your personal weight loss goals and you can absolutely transform your life for the better.

Don’t miss out by waiting, let’s take this journey together…I promise it’ll be worth it.

Please understand weight loss is NOT rocket science, however there’s a right and a wrong way, you’ll be shown the right way and absolutely YOU can follow it…

Simply enter your best email address below and I’ll know where to send your private video so you can see all the details and exactly what we’re talking about.

Your comments or questions are welcome, thank you

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P.S. Make sure you don’t miss this rare FREE online special event revealing life after pain from real women struggling before finding true answers to weight loss, together we can help you feel the real joys and spectacular results…

female fat loss



Weight Loss For Women 

YES! Absolutely would love to hear about your story…happy to share this special event with real women’s fat loss tips for tight tummy and waistline you deserve.

womens fat loss

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