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How To Eliminate Your Cravings Quickly?

Cravings can be more than just a little desire for chocolate or a particular sweets and foods…

Physical cravings for sugar cravings and foods that contain lots of sugar, fat or salt can be intense and lead to binging.

What do you crave? Well, whatever you crave for makes it difficult to lose weight and have the body you want.

There are 2 reasons for this...

One is that we are hungry.

When you go a while without eating food, your body often will crave the sweetest (chocolate) or densest foods imaginable (chocolate cake).

Your body may have associated calorie dense foods with burgers or fries.

It just wants to get those calories in…don’t worry, it’s not your fault and you
are not alone.

The other reason is that we are simply addicted.

A lot of the food we put into our body has chemicals within that make it addictive.

One of these is called HCAs (Heterocyclic Amines).

Cheese contains morphine and chocolate of course has caffeine as well as sugar. They can send us into a downward spiral that is difficult to escape.

However you can get out of it quite easily by making the right changes to your lifestyle.

First of all it is really important that you start eating breakfast and start eating consistently throughout the day (at least every 2-3 hours).

You have to make eating a priority otherwise you find time and time again the evening comes around and you’ll be craving beyond belief.

You’ll end up going on a massive binge…

Of course though there are ways to calm that feeling down immediately too but the best thing to do is avoid the situation completely.

If you find yourself in an intense mess by the evening then its time to start eating fruit.

This might puzzle you and you may be thinking that fruit is the last thing you
would consider eating as it will make your cravings worse, but it won’t!

It won’t as long as you eat enough.

In tense times where I haven’t eaten all day the best step to do is to grab some fresh strawberries and simply chop a cup’s worth into bite sized pieces.

This will satisfy your hunger and stop the cravings.

Another tip is that it is always a good idea to drink water.

When we are dehydrated we can feel less hungry which can lead to under eating and binging later on.

Drinking throughout the day will help you maintain regular eating.

Aim for 4 – 8 glasses of water a day, increasing volume as the temperature rises (i,e, spring, summer) and as your level of activity increases.

You will be amazed as the cravings disappear.

Lastly have more self-awareness.

If you can be more in tune with yourself you may realize that a lot of your
eating isn’t hunger but emotional issues.

Stress and upset can make us want to grab a doughnut.

Excitement and happiness can also make us want to grab a doughnut. This is because society has placed food at the center of celebrations and upsets.

It is pretty much ingrained in all of us.

Make an effort to acknowledge it and you will have more success overcoming cravings for good.

Also, remember to check in on the new tips, techniques, systems, methods
and programs that will help you get the body you want and truly deserve.

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