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Health and Stress!

Women’s Health, Stress and Stress Management…

Allow me to ask you a question:

Why do you feel stress, the effects of stress, stressed out and stress anxiety?

What’s your plan for emotional health and stress management for a healthier YOU?

Just picture it…

You and your family know how to remove mental and health stressful barriers for stress relief.

You might be wondering why stress is a problem or more specifically why stress causes women to gain weight or lose weight?

Ironically, most women tend to think or even expect workplace stress, we think it needs to be there.

Maybe you think you’re supposed to be stressed at the end of each day too?

Just maybe we’re all sick and tired of facing symptoms of stress?

How are you coping with stress and what’s your typical stress response?

Would you like to the simple formula for mental health and relaxation?

Stress is all around us everywhere…can you control stresses and reduce stress?

You have the power, to make a long story short…

Perhaps you find have to look deeper within for the lighter side of life of funny situations and happiness.

Sometimes stress relief is not so readily available, but stress reduction is within reach and must come from inside…if you have the desire to find it.

Can you make a wish for peace of mind and happiness oe day, one minute, one solution at a time?

Imagine if you decided to stop having to pay bills, living in time deprived very trying and difficult times!

Sometimes the reality of life…it doesn’t seem to be getting any easier?

Stress increases cortisol levels in your body, which can lead to weight gain and muscle loss…

Sometimes life can seem terribly painful and unfair, yet somehow we manage to struggle on, day-after-day, hoping and praying life will soon get better.

But day-by-day the world may feel like a louder, faster, crazier and more politically unstable, uncertain place to live in, and not to mention stressful.

Nothing seems safe anymore…

Millions of people are in record levels of debt paying higher morgage rates.

Many are losing their jobs, homes, health, members of family, divorce, standards of living, and sometimes even their sanity.

Increasing cultural barriers, politics, tension, religious differences, failing health care, land fill issues, breakdown of infustructure and communication.

Lack of sleep, pollution,, medication,drugs fast foods, road rage, overweight, health issues, coping with the demands of family, relationship, worry and depression…

…and anxiety seem to have become a way of life for way too many people.

We seem to have entered the age of the fast-track to mental and physical fatigue, obesity and anxiety!

In fact, just trying to show your feelings and be nice is becoming stressful.

Way back in 2002, the cover of Time magazine proclaimed this loud and clear on one of their covers as the featured story in that issue.

The constant guilt trips, stress and uncertainties of living in the 21st century have certainly taken their toll.

And as a result many of us seem to live a life of constant fear and worry.

When the terrorist attacks happened on September 11, this constant threats of violence, stress and worry seemed to just be magnified.

In fact, many people even now four years later report they are still scared that something of that magnitude could happen again…

Prhaps closer to them.

Turn on the news or open up a newspaper and we are bombarded with disturbing images and stories.

You immediately begin to wonder if you’re safe anywhere?

In this, the information age, never before have you had so much access to so much data.

The economy is another stressor.

The country is in debt and so are many Americans…

Soaring gas prices, outrageous housing costs, even the cost of food has sent many Americans to work in jobs that are unsatisfying and tedious.

You work these jobs because you need a paycheck…

Today, it’s more important to bring home the bacon rather than work in a dream career.

Having more women in the workplace adds to the stress.

So many women feel the need to be everything to everyone and this includes:

  • Paycheck earner
  • House keeper
  • Mom
  • Wife
  • Daughter and sibling…

The only problem with that is some women just don’t make any time for themselves thus contributing to their stress levels being at an all-time high.

Even children can feel the pressure of stress and anxiety.

Teenagers who want to go to college find themselves pushing themselves during their studies to try and obtain scholarships.

They face going to schools that have ever increasing tuition costs.

They find themselves having to hold down part-time jobs on top of all that to earn money for extras that their parents can no longer afford.

Add peer pressure into the mix and you have a veritable pressure cooker!

Cell phones, internet, palm pilots, blackberries, i-pods – we are always on the go and always reachable.

You don’t make time to relax and enjoy life any more.

Why not?

You certainly can!

Maybe you feel guilty or pressured to do these things because you think you HAVE to, not because you WANT to.

All too often, it’s difficult for people to just say “No”.

Not saying that one little word piles up un-needed expectations and obligations that make you feel anxious.

Daily, you experience situations that cause you to become stressed or feel anxious.

The reasons are too many to note but can include:

  • Buying a property
  • Having guests stay over (in-laws)
  • Being bullied
  • Exams (stress test)
  • Looking after children
  • Managing finances
  • Relationship issues
  • Traveling…etc.

Stress is a ‘normal’ function of everyday life. Only when it appears to take over your life does it then become a major problem.

You have different reasons why a situation causes you pressure…

Generally speaking, usually when you don’t feel in control of a situation, then you feel its grip tightening causing you to feel worried or ‘stressed’.

If stress is caused by you not feeling in control of a situation, the answer is to try and reverse this, and regain that control.

The good news is YOU CAN!

You have everything inside you that you need to overcome your stress and the accompanying anxiety.

The big problem, often you don’t realize you’re in control because you feel so out of control of time.

But the resources and tools are here, you just have to use them…

Feel free to take a few minutes out to unwind, relax and re-energize your life!

Health and Stress are both your choices.

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