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Juice Better Healthy?

Why start juicing today?

Because juicing is a fun and simple way to consume more fresh fruit and vegetables…

Juice gives your body a hit of high quality nutrition in an easily digestible form. The juice nutrients support and maintain good health on many levels.

Treat yourself to a juice today – you’ll immediately feel the health benefits!

Effective daily nourishment:

Juices gives your body an incredible nutritional burst.

Eating 2 kilos of fruit and vegetables at one sitting would be difficult, yet we can get the same nutritional benefit by drinking their juices.

All that goodness flows easily from our digestive system into our blood stream and on to our cells.

Give your body a healthy break:

We can digest fluids more easily than solid foods.

Even a diet high in fresh, raw fruits and vegetables requires a lot of energy to digest and extract nutrients.

This energy is no longer available to heal and restore your body.

Liquid nutrition is easily absorbed, increasing energy and giving your digestive system a much needed rest.

Detox and heal:

Energy is used by our cells to repair and renew, flush wastes and detoxify.

The vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and enzymes in juices are the key to a healthy body and healing.

This is why juicing is a central thrust of many nutritional healing and detoxification programs.

Rehydrate and alkalize your body:

Drinking juices is an effective way to hydrate all our cells. Juice is rich in electrolytes helping cells absorb fluids and flush out wastes.

Enzymes provide the energy to support this process.

Alkalizing organic minerals cleanse our internal environment and enhance rejuvenation.

Which juices?

Different juices promote diverse health benefits.

Vegetable juices contain more alkaline minerals, less sugar than fruits so can be consumed more often:

* Use as much organic produce as possible.
* Cucumber juice’s potassium enhances cellular cleansing.
* The juice of leafy greens is rich in calcium, magnesium and iron. Add an extra kick with a knob of ginger or squeeze of lemon or lime.
* For a sweet lift, watermelon juice, including the seeds is rich in valuable zinc and selenium.
* Apple, pear and berry juices are antioxidant -rich but because of their sugar content they should be diluted with water.
* Minimize carrot and beetroot juice. The high sugar content of these very sweet vegetables places great strain on our pancreas’ and blood sugar levels.
* Canned or bottled juices are generally pasteurized, which destroys the vital enzymes and many of the nutrients. They also often have added sugar and preservatives, making them acid-forming.

When to drink juice:

Cucumber or watermelon juice provides a great lift in the morning, as do other diluted fruit juices.

Green vegetable juices throughout the day sweetened with cucumber or a little pear alkalize, heal and rehydrate.

Drink all you want of vegetable juices at least half an hour prior to meals or 2 hours afterwards.

Limit diluted fruit juices and drink watermelon juice only in the morning.

Juice can be consumed immediately because it loses its nutritional value quickly after juicing.

Buying a juicer:

The type of juicer affects the quality of juice extracted.

Choose a single or twin gear crushing juice extractor over a centrifugal juicer that whips or spins the juice.

The heat and electrical activity triggered by these juicers damages sensitive plant enzymes, reducing the availability of nutrients to your body.

An easy to clean juicer is a bonus, since the simpler it is to maintain, the more frequently you’re likely to use it:)

You’ll immediately notice the health benefits of more energy, stronger immune system and better weight management.

Juice…a tasty way to boost your health today!

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