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Top 7 Weight Loss Tips!

Small Steps Towards Practical Healthy Weight Loss… 

Firstly, what are your weight loss goals for 2010?

“‘By the yard, it’s hard; by the inch it’s a cinch.”

The road to permanent weight loss  is paved with good intentions…

Make sure you give your weight loss goals realistic and fitness exercise results based purpose.

Here’s why…you can get results without actually getting caught up in all the unneccessay worrying whether or not you achieve your weight loss goal. 

Allow me to explain…

Weight loss is the process that’s important and each step you take will be a small brick in building core health which transforms your life for the better. 

Find a reason that motivates you on a soul level more than anything else.

The body you manifest will be aligned, even more beautiful and stronger if you have the right divine attitude backing you up. 

Move on from the 19th century if you think the anorexic look is attractive.

It’s not only a sad reaction to modern stress but also a leftover fantasy from when it was thought unattractive for a woman to look robustly healthy. 

Leave the smelling salts on the shelf.

If you’re feeling fainthearted ask for the emotional support you need from your:

  • Weight loss coach
  • Spiritual group
  • Family
  • Friends

Go easy for a while on vigorous exercise cycle.

Healthy eating and moderate fitness exercise such as walking are more appropriate. 

Get really honest with yourself:

If you feel you’re overweight from binge eating on fatty foods which hide unresolved emotional issues or stress…

Find help to replan your life and begin a fresh chapter. 

You’ll manifest a brand new body temple which can be an inspiration to other women. 

I remember living on a farm in the 80’s and getting up at varying times from 5:00 am in the morning to 8:00 am.

Do different combinations of exercise and meditation after a while to work out what’s right for you. 

Experiment with functioning at your own speed and rhythm in a natural setting like a beach or a park when you’re not in fitness boot camp. 

I found sometimes getting up early suited me better than others, specifically when I gave up sugar and replaced it with honey.

Being able to do a yoga handstand or push up in the morning depended on whether I’d had dessert the night before.

If I had a sugar “overdose”…there was no way I could lift off!

You might find if you’re hypoglycaemic you need healthy snacks every few hours to keep your blood sugar stable. 

 So here are the top 7 steps to weight loss success: 

  1. Set weight loss goals and objectives (use a daily plan)
  2. Imagine yourself at the ideal weight level you want
  3. Be honest with yourself
  4. Look at the weight loss alternatives if you don’t get healthy (the carrot or the stick?)
  5. Take control and feel confident for where you are now and want to go
  6. Get extra help where you need it and get a weight loss coach for weak areas
  7. Weight loss diet is a lifestyle tool to better quality of life, not a way of life… 

Feel free to share your weight loss success stories.

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