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What gets you fired up?

What are your passions?

Hi Friend,

I’m Jody Leon, women’s weight loss coach

I have two strong passions…one is helping women meet and surpass their health goals…

 And the other one is helping YOU to eat right, stay fit, healthy, enjoy life in the process.

The reason why the Loss Weight Fast and Easy program is a huge success?

Do you believe what feeds you emotionally and spiritually are just as important as the foods on your plate?

Why all calories are not created equal?

And is there more to nutrition than counting calories?

You see, I am very passionate about constantly improving results.

And it means always learning new improved ways to bring out the best in you.

In the past 12 months I’ve read hundreds of research articles, also travelled across four continents to hear from the most knowledgeable researchers in area of weight loss.

In fact, often I’ll take time to pick their brains on how to take their cutting edge research in lab and transfer to improved quality of life and better weight loss success in the real world.

Being a women…our mission is a crucial role in improving your health and through this process create a ripple effect that transforms your quality of life.

women's health

What does it mean to be a woman?

Being healthy and enjoying better quality of lifestyle…

What does it mean being a healthy woman and being true to yourself?

Is health more than just looking good or achieving a number on a scale?

Why is a beautiful healthier you a good way to feel about yourself and others?

Because how you look and feel empowers everything you do in life.

So, being healthy is incredibly important…

Our modern lives have made good health extremely difficult to achieve.

You can buy endless beauty products, (creams, potions and ointments) all sorts of entertainment, techno-wizardry and artificial processes of almost any description…

Does this list also include emotional, physical or environmental?

What about your health…can you buy good health too?

Is there a price to pay and does good health have to be earned?

Good health only comes through a three dimensional evolution…

The right mindset, fitness activities and food to support your lifestyle.

Good health is the right people which makes you the very best you can be.

And all too often…living in this journey is extremely difficult.

But at the end of the day it’s good to be you and feel happy being a women.

Be true to yourself, embrace being a women and being healthy…

Each month we share latest research from Women’s Health Insider to help you make the best, most informed choices regarding weight loss and your health.

Every article draws on breaking natural health research and traditional practice…

Women’s Health

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