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Easy Weight Loss

Easy Weight Loss with Meditation and Visualization…

What if there is a secret to fast easy weight loss?

I found chasing the next weight loss diet or new health product rarely created long term loss weight results.

Focusing on my mind and mind shifts definitely made the biggest difference to my health and quality of life.

If I had known what I know now…

I could lose weight 500% faster, easy weight loss with less stress and costly mistakes in terms of the health risks.

You certainly don’t have to wait around and learn the hard way like I did.

This easy weight loss information is from the heart and it contains information that could very well make 2010 your major turning point.

It’s an easy weight loss success strategy waiting to be repeated by you.

Think and feel “easy loss weight” while you experience meditation and visulation.

Yes, it might sound a little esoteric.

If you’ve been struggling with your weight loss you need to turn over every stone to see where you might be ‘blocked’ in your energy.

What if you’re receiving less than the results you want to achieve?

Easy weight loss works on a physical level as well as on a mental and emotional.

After preparing your weight loss goals in your mind, make sure to write down what you see yourself achieving before you go about it.

Write your intention in the present tense…as if you’ve already experienced the joy and happiness from attaining your goal.

For example: ‘ I want to weigh 100 pounds or  54 kilos’  becomes:

‘I am grateful I now choose to weigh 100 pounds or 54 kilos feeling fit and healthy.’

Feel what it would be like to be as slim as you want to be.

The easy weight loss alchemical secret is in getting the feeling of what it would be like to have your weight loss goal.

This attracts spiritual, mental and emotional energy.

You need to begin your weight loss with another secret ingredient and it’s fromyour core inner strength – enthusiasm.

Ralph Waldo Emerson famously said: ‘Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.’

The word enthusiasm is an elixir with the hidden meaning:

en: in, thu: originally theo which means God.

So when you are enthusiastic it’s a well of spring energy that can carry you through the tough times.

Enthusiasm rises over the obstacles and on to the fulfilling goal at the end.

While wording the goal of your weight loss request write:

‘This weight and fitness level now manifests or something better.’

‘This or something better’ helps you out of ego and vanity.

To let your true beauty shine through it’s essential you relate to your body as a being in its own right…

One that loves you and works for you like each set of muscles and organs are children who mostly do their best for you.

You wouldn’t abuse a child would you?

Caring for your body at an optimal level is no different.

Looking at your body and fitness level objectively helps enormously with the last stage of manifesting your easy weight loss.

Letting go is vital to your health fitness and lifestyle success.

The real secret to getting whatever you want is to want without need.

If you can master this one you’ll achieve the equivalent of kokoda trail of the mind and heart and amazing joys can happen in your health fitness regime!

Meditation and Visualization

Meditation on the Divine source…

Whether love or however you connect to the vital Creator is essential to your radiant positive energy.

You pour health energy through your biological sciences in order to regulate your hormones and nourish cells within the creative fire of Light.

Fitness and health: You experience health beauty fitness as you feel you’re flying when you’re linked up to the highest source of joy and energy that you can reach for.

Giving thanks is another powerful stimulant and elixir that ramps up your will to achieve, plugging you in to a well of creative energy.

It’s key to financial and material success, as well.

The higher your vibrations, the more you can attract what you visualise more easily, effortlessly and the quicker manifestation will happen for you.

The meditation can be short.

Simply an offering of thanks near your favourite tree before you begin your health and fitness routine.

Simply, this can be enough to get you going.

After you’ve done this a few times, you may notice a ‘shift’ in the energy, a sign that you’re going up a higher wavelength of energy or vibration.

Stilling yourself like this before you exercise allows you to take in the finer vibrations which will feed your nerves and energy.

This will help sustain your workout and nourishing the cells in your rest and recovery phase.

Now while your mind is quiet, see yourself achieving your health fitness goals as if you have the ability to morph into the new form you desire.

Be realistic, yet see yourself in your mind’s eye lovingly at the weight you want to be.

Feel a heroic reason you must accomplish your health fitness level to achieve more in your world.

Imagine yourself going through each of the exercises and having a streaming feeling of harmonious energy or “chi”…

As you’re traveling through your muscles and limbs, lightening your work out and enabling you to complete the circuit of training asked of you.

What to do if you’ve sustained weight loss and feel you a lack energy?

If you’ve sustained big weight loss this can be a tough one to pull you up to a level you can make great progress with your weight loss.

Keep in mind, you’re not alone with this one!

Sadness and shock lower the body’s resistance levels and make everything slower and more laborious in your work out and everyday life.

The results are energy ‘blocks’ in your mind and body energy centers which unconsciously repels success, giving more of what you don’t want in life.

If this is the case, get plenty of sleep, take advantage of extra rest before you challenge yourself to exercise as you’re increasing your health and fitness.

Concentrate on strengthening as each small step, perhaps a few regular exercises a week to give yourself a pat on the back for each small victory.

It can take time to join in the adventure. To re-create trust and regrowth so don’t feel you’re alone on this journey as you hit your comeback trail.

Feed your energy with all the actions harmonious with your nature and look forward to a time when the wheel will surely turn easier and for the better.

Meditation is an amazing healing tool and great for stress relief.

First significant studies in ’60s & ’70s proved monks could get so deep into trance like states, they wouldn’t react when prodded or burned.

Studies show monks unlike marksmen didn’t flinch at the sound of a gunshot.

Harvard Medical School professor studied 36 monks and found they used 17% less oxygen, lowered their heart rates by three beats a minute…

And increased their theta brain waves (theta appears just before sleep) without slipping into actual sleep.

A later Harvard test showed EEGs (brain waves) of monks are significantly different than those of a control group.

Later studies became more sophisticated with brain imaging.

One study showed the brain doesn’t shut down as you meditate, in fact it blocks information from coming into a certain portion of the parietal lobe.

Studies show meditation slows blood flow to all portions of the brain which generates emotions, memories, heart rate, respiratory rate and metabolism.

For 30 years, meditation research has told us it works beautifully as an antidote to stress,” says Daniel Goleman, author of “Destructive Emotions.”

Truly, what’s exciting about the new research is how meditation can train your mind and reshape your brain.

Tests using imaging shows meditation can reset the brain, reprogram and change perception even in traffic jams where anger sets the blood boiling.

Good news: You don’t need to be a monk or guru that lives isolated in the highest peaks of a monastery to enjoy the health benefits of meditation.

It’s simple to feel the measurable improvements :

1. Find a quiet comfortable place and turn out the lights

2. Close your eyes, feel yourself getting lighter and relaxed

3. Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose

4. As you exhale slowly feel joy in this soothing sound

5. Repeat the words…relaxation means success

Start with 10-minute sessions and increase gradually.

To make the key point again:

Your main priority at this time is to conserve and build up energy so you can attract good results and people to you.

So have plenty of quiet time for relaxation or make time away from others in nature to rebuild your self-image and energy reserves.

The sooner you’re feeling relaxation as your spiritual, mental and emotional energy rise, the faster so you’ll be back on track recreating your new life.

A better quality of life filled with love, happiness and self discovery.

Imagine you already enjoy the clear creative spiritual depth to handle problems with new exciting manifestations of easy weight loss success.

Step 1: What's the #1 single biggest weight loss challenge you're struggling with right now and what prompted you to search for the answer today in particular?

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Would you love to feel young, light, lean, happy, energized and sexy?

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