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Weight Loss Coach

Weight loss can be a tricky game if you don’t know what you’re doing.

women's weight loss coach

Jody Leon

Hi Jody Leon…your inner strength online weight loss coach to help you enjoy more health and fitness.

Can we get real and straight to the point?

Achieving weight loss is simple.

It is simple but not easy. Why?

Simply because more often than not it is difficult.

People like to believe there is a push this “magic button” solution…

Women’s health is complicated and there are so many different factors to understand.

But get this right…one crucial factor is you will not be required to ever starve yourself.

And most importantly, losing weight can be enjoyable and something you can achieve.

You see, fat loss is all about understanding your wants and what your body needs.

We start by sorting out weight loss myths from the facts.

It’s all about being true to yourself and transparent…that way you are in alignment to enjoy foods and healthy eating which fits your lifestyle, so you lose weight and keep it off.

We find the #1 best approach is to address your fat loss goals in a realistic and achievable plan, something like a “eating plan” alongside moderate amounts of exercise.

It’s technically called food management and not really an “eating plan” which short and long term means you benefit from better health and enjoy more active, healthier lifestyle…

Together we can be team, and you could say…we’re one team on a mission.

Personally, I’m in the business of changing lives and working to support you in achieving your goals with your commitment to a positive lifestyle transformation…make sense?

As women’s weight loss coach, I love to work closely with clients to address their needs.

Covering weight loss goals, providing invaluable nutrition, exercise, planning guidelines.

The focus is on you and as a team with your permission we will hold you accountable.

If you have poor eating habits, we’ll educate and empower you to keep moving in the right direction and keeping the weight off.

Let’s talk about your motivation…

No fluffy excuses or negative thinking, just the kind of real motivation which makes you act and keep taking action.

Yes, only good motivation that comes from your courage which makes you unstoppable.

The good news:

You already have motivation, you might just need to focus it a bit more…

Get your motivation with focus right and you dramatically improve your odds of big time success more than with probably any other factor.

Okay that’s where I come in because I’m a weight loss coach who helps strong, smart women who are sick of dieting and deprivation lose weight.

My mission is to help you find and turn around the underlying belief systems and habits causing your weight problem.

Using this “inside out” approach means you can unlock your inner motivation to eat healthfully and exercise…

Easily moving toward your natural weight (no white-knuckling required).

Have you ever thought or said…

“If only I had known that information years ago”?

The real secret to weight loss success is to stop dieting.

Stop dieting? Yes…stop dieting starting today and forever.

Never learn another diet rule, consult another calorie card or eat another tasteless meal.

You’ve tried the countless fad diets.

You may have seen short-term results, but in reality none of those diets will ever help you get the body you always wanted or you would not be here?

Traditionally or historically, the weight loss industry won’t tell you what works because they make bags of cash treating the symptom (your weight).

Now, a weight loss coach isn’t just about the latest weight loss tips because I know you want emotional reasons why you eat too much and move too little.

The secret isn’t another low calorie diet where you’re barely surviving on broccoli and spelt bread or a magic pill that slims you while you sleep.

You want a sure-fire way to turn your unhealthy weight and health problems into better quality of life…giving you a healthy belief with complete freedom.

If I could go back in time…years ago when I first became as a weight loss coach and talk to your past self, I’d say exactly what I’m going to reveal.

This is where I take the weight loss secrets out of the vault to help you realize your healthy weight loss with the right attitude for eating with lifestyle goals.

In my experience the mindset is the murkiest and most troublesome part of weight loss because it’s the most elusive aspect of weight loss itself.

Firstly, you know the key to weight loss isn’t about eating less and moving more. If it were that simple, you’d be rocking your bikini by now.

Stop beating yourself up mentally because I simply will not promise you instant results. No weight loss program will immediately transform you.

In addition, I reserve the right to decline any client that doesn’t stay focused or want to implement instructions or if I’m personally uncomfortable with.

Weight loss coaching is simple. I believe in offering a natural, down to earth and truly realistic approach with self-development. What happens next?

Allow me to explain…

If you Google the word “diet,” the definition is to “abstain from food.”

This means your body will not allow you to abstain from food for long.

So…your innate survival skills kick in and send you on the hunger path looking for more food.

Going on a diet will put your brain into survival mode and send you foraging even if you just ate a greasy double cheeseburger with large serve of fries.

You simply cannot outwit your survival skills.

What’s worse is when the next fad diet doesn’t work you blame yourself!

You think you’re lazy and unmotivated and continue to shame yourself into another round of punishing diet guilt trips.

It’s one thing to show you how to lose weight, we’re going to work together and do it in your personal, one-on-one weight loss coaching session.

Two thirds of the focus of this personal weight loss coaching is getting your mind past the elusive psychology that makes weight loss so tricky…

Experience genuine self-confidence with weight loss success.

The Internet can be a lonely place sometimes, but it’s not going to be lonely anymore and I’m sure our friendships will last for years.

A lot of people think the key to success is the skill of weight loss.

There’s truth to that, but more important is your ability to communicate effectively. Communication is the glue that holds all of this together.

Frankly I know highly regarded weight loss gurus who are just terrible at it. I never send you a useless cut-and-paste, non-answer to your questions.

Communication is such a sensitive medium and it has to be handled with the greatest of care. Done properly communication can work wonders.

Personally, I know it’s vitally important to have the confidence, trust and integrity in place, therefore I can dedicate my time to helping you succeed.

The lifestyle rewards will payoff for you and continue for years.

Empower yourself by tapping into your inner strength and get faster weight loss results without having to test so much to figure what’s working!

The real objective is to get you past the tipping-point where weight loss success becomes easy and fun.

You earn the respect, (but you don’t have to admit to your family and friends it’s actually easy to lose weght!)

Who’s your weight loss coach?

Yes, “my weight loss coach”…

The #1 fat burner factor for weight loss is healthy eating and calorie daily intake…in other words, the skill to make behavioral change a real result.

What is your calorie recommended intake?

Maybe you’ve got a big weight problem, maybe you’ve got a small one. The most important criteria is you’re not starting from scratch.

In truth, sticking to whatever weight loss program you decide to follow, increasing your skill to make better eating choices with self-confidence.

Loss weight means you’re understanding key issues:

Knowing yourself and your weight loss goals and how to reach goals with small step-by-step confidence for your continued weight loss success!

Q: “What’s the fastest way to make sure you enjoy weight loss success?”

A: Increasing self-confidence.

Your goal for weight loss is to know what you want. Plain and simple.

In terms of releasing unhealthy perfectionism, healthy weight loss is also learning from mistakes and what motivates you to help keep you focused?

So, what do you want from your weight loss exercise goals and objectives?

Short term goals: Do you want a diet for weight loss?

Fitness goals: Do you have a fitness goal?

Do you want to reach an ideal weight from a weight loss diet?

Do you want to find and access the core strength that already lies within?

Are you looking for a weight loss coach to help you put pieces of the puzzle together…so you’ll reach goals and stay focused on healthy weight loss?

Or do you want a one-on-one personal weight loss program that will provide you with a better quality of lifestyle with step-by-step diet and weight loss?

How much body weight loss would you need on a monthly basis?

And how soon do you want to reach your weight loss goal?

Please, take some time right now and write down what you want to get from your weight loss program.

Use real numbers…because it will clearly make a big difference in giving you security to measure your own weight loss success.

In fact, you need to already know how to match your weight loss target.

Here’s why…this is very important because you will focus on a more specific weight loss goal with a date for you to work toward.

Now, I’ve got a little unadvertised bonus for you to help with your weight loss success.

It’s free, and you can download by clicking here!

Your complete weight loss goal and weight loss success package; complete with worksheets (real value of $57.00)

You also get a personal 30-minute one-on-one weight  loss coaching call to help you implement the system and get the results you want.

I’ll help you interpret your results, suggest how to eliminate options that would only waste your time and help you identify the most rewarding steps you can use.

Don’t miss this unique experience. I look forward to transforming your health, body and spirit during this moving 12-week weight loss coaching.

Jody Leon – Weight Loss Coach

“Empower yourself by tapping into your core inner strength.”

Get confidence and strength from the inside, be happy, enjoy life, have fun!

Step 1: What's the #1 single biggest weight loss challenge you're struggling with right now and what prompted you to search for the answer today in particular?

Have you ever taken time to find out exactly why it's such a big struggle to drop dress sizes and/or weight is not where you want it to be?

Would you love to feel young, light, lean, happy, energized and sexy?

Step 2: VERY IMPORTANT - Please take 2 minutes to send your message so I can reach out and help...

Yes! More specific or detailed, more likely I'll be able to help solve your challenge:)

e.g. I'm tired of diets, I want to feel energetic, see my abs again, fit into my favorite dress that's hiding at back of closet, strut my stuff at beach, feel good about life, have more fun!

Step 3: Please fill-in-the-blanks" below, be as open and detailed as possible (beyond saying "I want to lose weight" or "improve my weight loss results"...

Also do you mind sharing if you have any reluctance, hesitation or fear? Would really love to hear from you soon, thanks...

IMPORTANT NOTE: I realize this is not for everyone, but you will NOT be placed into any ongoing weight loss coaching program or hidden recurring charges whatsoever.
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